1. Ferdous - September 18, 2019

    Thank you so much for offering this website to assist IELTS aspirants like me.
    Your video lessons are amazing and your tips are absolutely a “MUST FOLLOW” in my opinion.
    I’d like to share my experience with IELTS. I have last written my IELTS exam on 27th July 2019 and secured the following scores
    Listening 8.5
    Reading 7.5
    Writing 7
    Speaking 9
    In my previous two attempts Listening , Reading and Speaking were easy for me. Writing was the only section in which I struggled to achieve the desired band ‘7’ and was stuck at 6.5. That was only because of my nervousness. But the third time I was relaxed and wrote the exam with a natural flow of English. It really helped and I’d like to suggest this to people who get stuck at 6.5 in writing.
    Please do not get nervous during the exam especially in writing section. If somebody gets 6.5 , it means he or she is definitely above 6 and all they have to do is — use the right technique.
    Understand the band descriptors and find out areas where you can improve your writing skills to get that 0.5 extra score.

    Thank you once again IELTS Zenon for your guidance !!

    • IELTS Zenon - September 18, 2019

      Thanks for your reviews

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